Who Are We?

The Daughters of Divine Love Congregation (DDL) is an international order of religious women founded by late Bishop Godfrey Mary Paul Okoye, C.C.Sp, on July 16th 1969 in Nigeria. It was founded during the agonizing and ravaging Nigeria-Biafra war. At the present time, more than 800 members have professed their vows. The Daughters are known in a special manner for their love of God and love of neighbour, coupled with deep humility, self- sacrifice and solid piety. Rooted and grounded in Love. This love is self-sacrificing love

The Daughters combine contemplation with apostolic action as seen in the life of Our Lord Himself. Interior life of prayer, therefore, is essential.

The Daughters respond to the needs of the Local Church according to the availability of personnel with the right qualification, ability, and aptitude. The Daughters carrying bravely the shield of Christian faith courageously undertake any apostolate for the glory of God and the salvation of souls, their own souls first and foremost (Founder’s Preface cf. DDL Const).

Our Advocacies

Health Care Services

Our ministry is based on love of God shown through love and service to our neighbour.  Our Hospital and Dispensary services help the sick and poor who are unable to pay for their hospital bills and who are unable to get early diagnosis for their illness due to financial problems.

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Care for the Vulnerable People

From feeding the hungry to visiting the lonely, we are committed to the corporal and spiritual works of mercy. Our congregation has distributed food to children and refugees for decades, but the need is as important as ever.

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Education / Physical Structure and Equipment

We are dedicated to educating children and significantly impacting their futures. Our aim is to build schools in rural areas, Specialist schools/centre for children with special needs, Elderly peoples home including religious, Rehabilitation centres.

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Community and Human Resource Development

We commit ourselves to providing sustainable means of livelihood to those in need. Those at the fringe of society. Many families are today without clean water and many dies from water related diseases. 

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Care for Children

Our Ministry is not always easy, but it is always filled with the love of Jesus. We reach out to children that needs love and care in our society today; who have no one to care for them.

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Formation and Scholarship

In Keeping with the founders vision the diverse apostolates of the Congregation provides services in every work of life where the manifestation of God’s love is needed. 

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