Health Care Services

Our ministry is based on love of God shown through love and service to our neighbour.  Our Hospital and Dispensary services help the sick and poor who are unable to pay for their hospital bills and who are unable to get early diagnosis for their illness due to financial problems. We offer the sick opportunity for better life and give them reason to smile and thank God every day. Our health care services will benefit the poor and less privileged in Nigeria, Haiti, religious sisters in Nigeria, orphans, abandoned children, street children, children with special needs, elderly people, and people with cancer.

Our programs: Free medical care for the less privileged, Dispensary services/food nutrition program and Mobile clinic/pastoral care services.

Care for the Vulnerable

From feeding the hungry to visiting the lonely, we are committed to the corporal and spiritual works of mercy. Our congregation has distributed food to children and refugees for decades, but the need is as important as ever. There are many vulnerable people in our societies today that need to show Divine Love.  Christ’s call to love his people is not just a call for some, but a call for all; it is not a hope for tomorrow, but a mission for today. Our duties are to show Divine Love to the world by providing services to reach out to the poor and vulnerable. Our charity home in Nigeria provides accommodation and care to both physical and mentally disabled persons and provides for them programs that will enable them to reintegrate in the society. We aim to preserve the dignity of those we help and treat everyone with the utmost respect, without judgement.

Our programs: Empowerment/community-based rehabilitation program for the disabled. Feeding the poor /soup program -distribution of food items to the less privilege.

Education / Physical Structure and Equipment

We are dedicated to educating children and significantly impacting their futures. Our aim is to build schools in rural areas, Specialist schools/center for children with special needs, Elderly peoples home including religious, Rehabilitation centres. We are committed to helping children from poor families to be educated and children with special needs get included in a curriculum tailored to their individual needs.

Our program:  Building schools for indigent children, Building Specialist school for children with special needs, Building dispensary center affordable for the less privileged.

Community and Human Resource Development

We commit ourselves to providing sustainable means of livelihood to those in need. Those at the fringe of society. Many families are today without clean water and many dies from water related diseases. Many will have to walk long distance before they could get clean water. Our aim is to make water accessible to people in poor localities where there are little or no social amenities. We aim to provide large production of food for the poor by sustainable agriculture. Affordable food for poor people. We focus on serving our fellow human beings as agents of God’s love on earth.

Our program: Provision of clean water (bore hole), Agriculture for sustainability.


Care for Children

Our Ministry is not always easy, but it is always filled with the love of Jesus. We reach out to children that needs love and care in our society today; who have no one to care for them. We help them see the love of God in their lives and encourage pregnant teenage girls not to kill, through away or abort their babies.  Poor Children in our world today are missing out in growing with experience of true love and care. Our charity home provides accommodation for street children and abounded babies, providing all they need both spiritually and materially. We provide them with nutritious food, medical care, and personal attention. Our aim is to reach out to street children/orphans and those who have no one to care for them to help them to see the love of God in their lives and encourage pregnant teenage girls not to abort their babies.

Our program: Maintenance/feeding of street children, Profile program -care for motherless children.null

Formation and Scholarship

In Keeping with the founders vision the diverse apostolates of the Congregation provides services in every work of life where the manifestation of God’s love is needed.  We train our sisters and novices to be able to meet up on a diverse apostolate. We have our sisters in Health Care, Education, Pastoral work, managerial, legal and others.  We hope to expand the Congregation and start self help/reliant projects both for our congregation and the underprivileged around us. We aim to develop funding for these programs in Africa and around the world. We need to equip our sisters to be able to carry out their apostolate in the modern time. In Africa most indigent children in rural communities end up on street begging because of lack educational assistance. Our aim is to provide scholarship to these children to finish their education and be responsible persons in the society.

Our programs: Degree/Masters and Doctorate programme for our sisters, trained sisters in specialist courses/ training of our novices. Scholarship/free education for indigent children.