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As the global COVID-19 pandemic takes its toll; it has impacted our lives in a way many of us could never have imagined. It has created a very uncertain landscape for millions of people and there has been an increase in the number of homeless people and people needing hot meals.

We are one of the charities that believe that those that are less fortunate and have no other means of getting hot meals should be cared for and that people should not starve although homeless.

We are here to make sure they get hot meals during the weekend every second Saturday of the month and that homelessness does not turn to starvation and hunger during this time, especially as winter is about to set in.

Who we are and what we do:

We are the Congregation of the Daughters of Divine Love; an international order of religious women with papal status founded in 1969. We are a registered charity in the UK.

Our vision is to radiate Divine Love to the world focusing on serving our fellow human beings as agents of God’s Divine Love on earth. We believe in a community where no one is left without the three basic needs of life: food, water, and shelter.

As part of the many charitable works we do; we are on a mission to support homeless people by offering hot meals, hot drinks, Hygiene products and be available for advice and support on a weekend. We are dedicated to changing the lives of homeless people around south West London.

Our new initiative of feeding the homeless will not only provide them with hot meals and hot drinks but will be available for advice and support on a weekend.

Our Divine Love soup kitchen in Streatham London is unique and we believe it is a practical way of making a positive difference on one of the 21st century’s biggest issues of eradicating homelessness.

It complements local services and offers continued sustenance to vulnerable people.

We offer advice, information, and guidance on what is available locally for people to be able to move on from their homelessness or vulnerabilities. Flag up alerts of people living with or fleeing from domestic violence.  We also get information on why people are homeless and direct them to the right services.

We have a track history of working with the vulnerable and marginalised with over 900 sisters operational in 18 countries of the world. In keeping with our founder’s vision the diverse work we do provide services in every walk of life where the manifestation of God’s love is needed.

Our aim is always to serve the poorest and most marginalised in our world, those at the fringe of society, to feed the hungry; to make education for all a reality; to give water to the thirsty; to provide shelter for the homeless; to provide health care support to the sick and to give the gift of light to the poor.

In other to accomplish the above aim we have a feeding /care program for the homeless;   empowerment program for the disabled; free medical care for the less privileged; scholarship assistance for indigent children;  provision of water and light for poor villages; agriculture for sustainable development; support for teenage mothers and their babies; maintenance of street children; care for the widow/livelihood program; construction of homes for the homeless; construction of a specialist school for children with disability.

The nuns adapt their mission to the needs of their communities and are all trained to provide quality services and care to marginalised groups and individuals at their different areas of work.

Please can you support our program in the UK – to make homeless people feel accepted and increase the number of people that leave our street for better accommodation and integration into society?  With the help of funding, we could expand our scheme and give more hot meals in a month, especially during the fourth coming winter period. We hope to feed 30 to 35 homeless people each time.

Your donation will help homeless people to feed and not left out. It will help to reintegrate them back to society when directed to where to get such help. People are less likely to stay in the cold.

Please consider helping us end the virus of hunger and lack of care for homeless people.     especially during this time of the pandemic.

How you can help

There are two ways you can help.

  1. Donate:

As little as £10 could make a difference in helping us feed and care a homeless person this winter. It will help narrow the number of homeless people out on the street who rarely get hot meals and hot drinks and not able to get directions on where to get help.

  1. Share our story:

Crowdfunding succeeds because people spread the word, so please use the social media links to help us reach even more people.

How will we use the money raised?

All funds raised from this crowd funder will be spent on caring for homeless people; buy food not provided by volunteers; buy cutleries plates and cups; provide hygiene products(toiletries);  buy winter stockings and caps; provide take away packs; have first aid equipment PPE Covid prevention equipment; Contribute for use of church hall; Print materials for advertising the project.


Thank you for helping us help those who need help most.