DDL PDO Giving Circle


 Goal: To be able to develop an ecosystem of donors supporting a  common advocacy on a regular basis, thus, developing an annual fund campaign towards ultimate sustainability.

The DDL Giving Circle is designed to ignite donors to have an avenue to give according to their matched advocacy. The focused advocacies supported in this giving circle include:

  1.  Health Care
  2. Care for the Elderly and Vulnerable
  3. Education and Scholarship
  4. Vocation and Formation
  5. Care for Children
  6. Infrastructure and Community Development

Each group will choose the advocacy of their own choice and will create its own giving circle. The reason why members join a giving circle is the quality of the management team, the potential to scale up, and the potential social impact of the programs of each advocacy of the philanthropic development office.

Giving circles go beyond individuals to pool and unite resources for a common goal with greater impact. Members will contribute time as well as money in the process. There could be giving circles in varied categories, but it can be identified accordingly in the PDO.


  1. High Net-worth Individuals
  2. Families and Friends
  • Corporate Groups / Businessmen
  1. Civic Associations
  2. Others

Number of Members:

Minimum of 10 members giving regularly or 1 giving circle per family.