Financial Administrative Policy for the funds raised in a giving circle

Financial and Administrative Policy for the funds raised in a giving circle

  1. Funds collected in a giving circle group will be deposited to the Giving Circle account of the PDO.
  2. As soon as funds are accepted, the PDO will respect its utilization to the designated advocacy chosen by the giving circle.
  3. The Giving Circle will endorse to the PDO the proper use of funds for the advocacy as approved by the group and will request from the PDO a report 30 days after completion of the project.
  4. The Giving Circle group will continue the regularity of pledges to the advocacy supported and will collaborate with the PDO on the various other programs and projects under the advocacy.
  5. Financial Management in the buildup of the giving circle fund is also designed to set aside for the endowment fund / trust fund of the advocacy. There will be an allocation of at least 20 percent of the pledges to contribute to the fund.

Endowment Fund / Trust Fund Buildup of the Giving Circle

 The endowment fund policy is subject to the guidelines included in the gift acceptance policy of the PDO.

Naming Right of the Giving Circle

The Giving Circle Group will have the freedom to name their group according to what they believe would represent them in their common cause.

Funding Goal of the Giving Circle

The funding goal of the giving circle is to reach the funding needs of the advocacies of the PDO, setting aside advocacy fund and endowment/trust fund (that may range at 20 % from the raised fund of the group )