Giving Circle Benefits

Giving Circle Benefits

The Daughters of Divine Love would like to give back to your circle through the following:

  1. Welcome Kit
    1. The Giving Circle will be given a welcome kit containing several merchandises of the Congregation. This includes
  2. Invitation to DDL events
    1. Get first and exclusive invites to gatherings and events hosted by the Congregation.
  3. Regular updates
    1. Be the first to know on the developments our programs! and receive our quarterly newsletter. Your circle may also contact any member of the DDL Community to know about the projects you donated in.
  4. Priority for Projects concerning the community
    1. If you have projects for the community in mind, we and the community are more than willing to accommodate your circle. We will help you find an available date for your activity.

Giving Circle Fund Policy

The Giving Circle will be setting aside an endowment fund of at least 20 percent from the advocacy fund (both restricted and unrestricted) from the raised money each year. The endowment fund policy incorporated in the Gift Acceptance Policy will be followed.

Giving Circle Naming Rights Policy

  1. Naming Rights of Group
  • The name of Giving Circle will solely be your property. Should there be branches to your circle that would bear the same name, it must be approved by the circle who carried the name first and notified to the Daughters of Divine Love.

2.     Giving Circle ID (virtual ID if possible)

    • Your Giving Circle ID Number will help track the donations given by your circle. It will be used to identify your giving circle in receipts that will be issued by the Congregation. This will be given to the circle moderator

3.    Membership Suggestions/Benefits

    • Should you wish to shoulder the full/portion expenses of a project, your giving circle will automatically be given naming rights in the project.